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53/∞ marvel cast 

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New trailer from

this is still my favourite thing I’ve ever seen in any comic book movie ever 

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So I finally cracked open my Princess Diaries special edition dvd, and immediately went to the bloopers, as you do, and decided that the internet needed even more reasons to love Julie Andrews. You’re welcome.

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lil dude just hugged a chicken

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The Last Offensive Joke by Tom Hiddleston

woah Tom. you better calm down there, I am highly offended!

that fucking smirk on the last gif tho

so offense

such objecte

very no

much tome

Imagine if he was set a task to offend someone’s outfit “your shirt it’s…it’s…okay, only okay, I like your jeans, but your shirt is only okay”

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I´m dying.

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"Well, not all of us are in the same weight class so it is hard to say between Hemsworth and Evans. I think they’re pretty evenly matched. I think it would go to the ground. Then I think it’s me, Ruffalo, and Renner in a quote-unquote three-way in which I lay waste to them with sleeper holds but then we cuddle. And then it is Hiddleston versus Johansson if I am not mistaken. That probably just winds up in dinner at a five-star restaurant somewhere."

- Robert Downey Jr. on who would win a battle among the Avengers (via marvelassembles)

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I couldn’t help but notice the similarities between the child in Virgin and Child Enthroned by Master Of Bigallo and Quentin Tarantino

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